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Tattoo Studio London

South City Market is a tattoo studio like no other – we provide current and futuristic tattoo designs with high-quality client comfort in a laid-back, contemporary, and minimalist environment.

Our space is unlike any tattoo shop in the world and our team works hard to reduce discomfort for our customers with a positive, friendly, and modern atmosphere.

Our Ethos

Why make having a tattoo more stressful than it needs to be? That’s the question at the core of our beliefs, and one we answer at South City Market with our uniquely stripped back modern London space.

We provide a safe, luxury environment in our studio, one that instantly puts you at ease with a studio designed to stay ahead of the game.

We welcome everybody with open arms and make it our priority to provide enjoyment and a calming experience in a clean, safe, and relaxing environment. You are guaranteed to feel this is the right place to be when you walk through the doors of our futuristic, minimalistic studio, with an interior and aura that instantly puts you at ease.

Our tattoo artists provide unique designs with a focus on the customer experience as well as the art itself. We’re here to change the industry with incredibly detailed, bespoke tattoo artistry in a clean, crisp and most importantly, judgment-free space.


Our incredibly talented tattoo artists work solely in black and grey custom tattoos with specialisms in micro designs.

You won’t find a more grounded and capable group of tattoo artists in the UK. They work with you to create beautifully intricate, innovative tattoos that match your personality, history, and life.

South City Market’s tattoo artists are hand-selected and operate to the highest standards of professionalism, safety, and artistry. They’re not only experts in what they do, but open and welcoming so you don’t have to concern yourself with feeling daunted or worried about your new tattoo.

We pride ourselves on our artistic abilities and techniques as well as our desire to change the tattoo industry in the UK. That’s why we offer a fresh, customer-focused approach and handle all tattoo designs, from traditional to contemporary or something different altogether. We can guarantee you will find something to help you along your tattoo journey, no matter which stage of it you are at.

We offer a range of different tattoos including; Japanese tattoos, minimalist tattoos, anime tattoos, geometric tattoos, realism tattoos, henna tattoos, watercolour tattoos & vegan tattoos.

It’s vital, however, that you take a look at the kind of work each of our tattoo artists can provide before making a decision. An artist’s portfolio speaks for itself and if it doesn’t speak to you, then don’t get something they’ve created permanently imprinted onto your skin.

Check out our artists and their work here.


Visit our tattoo studios in London, where our unique and incredibly professional artists specialise in black and grey custom tattoo work for our clients. The areas we serve are listed below:

London, New Cross, Brockley, Honor Oak Park, Peckham, Greenwich & Deptford.

This means that no matter where you are in the London area, we can provide you with high-quality tattoo designs and unique styles, working to all relevant safety standards in a warm, friendly, judgment-free space. Contact us to book an appointment at any of our London tattoo studios.

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We love working with our customers to achieve a tattoo design they adore, so give us a call to book or chat through your tattoo design ideas. We’re happy to discuss any ideas you have and come up with something you will love.

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Booking a consultation with South City Market is simple, and there are a number of ways you can get in touch, make an enquiry or book yourself an appointment.

Give us a call on +442086929894 to check availability and get a quote on your tattoo design ideas.

Visit our contact page and fill in the form. Here, you simply select your preferred artists, give us a description of the tattoo design you would like, body part/placement, approximate size of the tattoo, your availability and reference images.

We guarantee to get back to any customer who fills in their details, and while most forms online are automated, ours isn’t, and we will definitely be in touch to arrange and confirm your appointment.

And if you aren’t quite sure about your preferred artist, or have any questions that aren’t answered in the FAQ section, drop us an email at INFO@SOUTHCITYMARKET.COM with your idea, preferably with an image to reference and we can recommend an artist for you.